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Hi! My Name is Billy.
I Can Speak: -English-
October 25, 2020

1'046'585 Membears pix!

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End the stigma of HIV, Please when writing your profile and you are ddf and HIV neg, don't use the word "clean", with you using the word "clean"you are implying that being HIV is dirty. Put the shoe on the other foot, would you like your status refered to as "dirty"?

Okay here's the 411...

MD= Maryland, Lived there from 1994-2005, does not mean Medical Doctor. I'm a patient care director/nurse/vet tech at an animal hospital located in Dallas

41 yo, 6', 250 ish (werkin' on losing some of it, work in progress), single, very laid back kinda person (think go with the flow)

In Mesquite, have a dog (A Jack Russel mix about 11#). Like going to movies (just about any kind), hanging with firends, home improvment, Ink, yeah like to look at ink on a man's skin, have on a big piece of ink on the right side of my body (from right side underarm down to the top of my knee). Be your own person/man, don't be a sheep. Do your own thing being original or unique is not a bad thing. By all means don't change yourself for someone to like you or for them to think you are "cool". Be yourself, there are enough fakes, feaks and flakes out there. Happiness comes from within one's self, one should be comfortable their own skin.
What I'm Looking for...well, friends is first and foremost, anything else would be great.

I'm a Gemini (western zodiac) and a boar (eastern zodiac)

Did I miss anything? If so just ask

“Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another.” - Madonna

And remember...What goes around comes around, so do good things and play nice!
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