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Hi! My Name is Jay.
  New York CityNew York
I Can Speak: -English-
21 March 2019

1'244'055 Membears pix!

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6'1", 225/230lbs, Mid-Aged Beef, Sturdy, In Excellent Health/DDF, Fuzzy, Maturing Former Athletic torso (semi solid w/bit of belly & handles currentjy. lol), long, toned, big calved runner's legs. Rural/Suburban Raised, Big City Transplant. Educated, Professional w/ Creative background, Good listener, Big-Hearted, Honest, Loyal Friend/Family member. Confident demeanor while Approachable & friendly in general, Full of contrasts: Am 'A Country Boy' in 'City Gentleman Packaging'... Comfy in my naturally worn out Jeans, sneakers, boots (1/2 Doz pairs of Cowboy boots), T-Shirts, Baseball Caps & un-shaved facial scruff... At ease in Neckties, Suits & being clean shaven (Always has a small stache & van dyke) in public. (Strong dislike for Being Stereotyped/Pigeonholed in Any way) Quick to Smile/Laugh (Especially at Self), Silly & Fun-loving Semi- Adventurer until I'm Serious & cautious. Aware of Human cruelty, Yet Believes Most people are basically good (Yes, even Here in NYC!!), Non-Scene; An Individual rather than A Follower. Reads a lot, Writes alot (Obviously :), ENJOYS Outdoor/Indoors, Most to All cuisines (It's All About Flavor... Love pleasing my Taste Buds!!) & Music (Life's ever present 'soundtrack' - Mine's eclectic & wide-ranging), Am 'Visually Fixated' w/ a shitload of various Visual pursuits & entertainments (From the Arts to several Sports & all in between.) Like I said: Hates being put in a box and Stereotyped.... OK? ---grin---

Not into Bars/ Gym membership lapsed... HOW to encounter A 'Like-Minded' Big & Hairy Single Man?? Conversation (Writing here... Then phone??), Flirting? Actually meeting & Hanging out? Enjoying everything & Nothing?, Fun Activities? Dating?, Friendship?, More...??? *No Rushing... I Don't JUMP at it... But I Don't/Won't Run from it either. (Well.... Not unless you show the 'Crazee, CrayCray' card, or I sense your 'Stalker' / Obsessive tendencies kicking in... I'll be like Smoke: lingering briefly, but I'm Gone! lol)

*HERES the part You've been Scanning/Waiting for: (IF WE EVER get to it:) A Kissing, touching, snuggling, Wrestling, Foreplay loving, Bear/Cub hybrid, Non-Passive natured, so-called Versatile Bottom Guy, with a few Variations & Fetishes... Has a Good LTR/Partnering history; A proven Loyal, 'Ride & Die' type, Partner/Counterpart For a Big Easy going TOP/ OR VERS TOP Man: 5'9" & TALLER, 42yrs & UP. Kind & Open Hearted, Honest, Loyal, Intelligent, WITH Some Flaws.... (Skin color, religion, bluecollar OR Whitecollar Not a priority) The Hairier/Furrier, THICK Built = WOOF!!! Attracted to Avg/Burly/Stocky/Sturdy-Built Men.... Natural Muscled OR **Several Extra pounds; a gut/belly, side handles, some (Firm) Softness to hold & squeeze., OR Athletic Built. (BIG Men!! YES!! *BUT I'M NOT A 'Chub Chaser'. **NO Extreme Overweight Or excess un-toned loose flesh, Or breasts/nips rivaling a females'...Height & weight In Balance Please!! OK?? ;) Large or Big Legs/calves/Feet/hands, A Definite WOOF . Am A Minimally Issued(?? lol), Focused, Sane, Good Hygiened/Groomed Man interested in The SAME. (ALSO: Am Educated That someone being 'poz' Does NOT Have to be an issue... MEANING: I'm 'poz' Friendly.... Many OTHER things out here to Kill us 1st & quicker!!)

MUST READ: Little to NO interest in Hooking Up/NSA/Sharing Other Men's Mates... (Not for moral reasons. Just really NOT mentally built for it) ENJOYS: being with & Supporting (thru Ups & Downs) Good/HONEST/Real people; Forming relationships & lasting friendships (tries to, When Allowed to); & Going on DATES (Yeah, Old School!!). Am Also a Thinker, Talks in complete sentences, am inquisitive & ALWAYS open to Trying/Learning Something New outside my scope within reason.
WHEW!! SO Them's the Usual Specifics folks ask about spelled out in Plain English. (I mentioned my strong dislike of being Stereotyped or put in box, Right??) Anything Else, You Can Always ASK a question and I MAY answer. OR Better: Just Say HELLO, Be Respectful, Start a Conversation, & see what's what. Cheers!
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