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Hi! My Name is Jay.
  New York CityNew York
I Can Speak: -English-

1'228'744 Membears pix!

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6'1", 225/230lbs, Beefy, Thick & Sturdy Excellent Health/DDF, Fuzzy, bod, long toned big calved runner's legs. Rural/Suburban Raised, Big City Transplant. Educated, Professional w/ Creative background, Good listener, Honest, Loyal Friend.. Friendly in general,. Full of contrasts: Am 'A Country Boy' in 'City Gentleman Packaging'... Comfy in Jeans, sneakers, boots, Baseball Caps & un-shaved facial scruff...(Strong dislike for Being Stereotyped/Pigeonholed in Any way) Quick to Smile/Laugh (Especially at Self), Silly & Fun-loving until I'm Serious & cautious. Non-Scene; An Individual rather than A Follower. ENJOYS Outdoor/Indoors, Most to All cuisines & Music (Life's ever present 'soundtrack' - eclectic & wide-ranging), 'Visually Fixated' w/ various Visual interests (From the Arts to some Sports & in between.) Repeat:: Hates being put in a box and Stereotyped... Got it?---grin---

Not into Bars, the Gym membership lapsed... WHERE to encounter A 'Like-Minded' Big & Fuzzy/Hairy Single Man?? Conversation (Writing, Then phone??), Actually meeting & Hanging out? Enjoying everything & Nothing?, Dating?, Friendship?, * Down the road: More...??? * Taking time to take the time. No Rushing... (You show your 'Stalker' / Obsessive tendencies... I'll be like Smoke: lingering briefly, but Gone)

*HERES the part You're been Scanning for: (IF WE EVER get to it:) A Kissing, touching, snuggling, Wrestling, Foreplay loving, Bear/Cub hybrid, Non-Passive Natured, Variation on a Lower Bunk Guy, with a few mildly aggresive Fetishes... Good LTR/Monogamous Partnering history; A proven Loyal, 'Ride & Die' type Counterpart For a Big Easy going TOP/ OR VERS TOP Man: 5'9" & TALLER, 42yrs & UP, Open Hearted, Honest, Loyal, Intelligent. (Skin color, religion, bluecollar/Whitecollar Not a priority) The Hairier/Furrier, THICK Built = WOOF!!! Attracted to Masculine, Avg/athletic/Burly/Stocky/Sturdy-Built Men.... Natural Muscled OR **Several Extra pounds; some gut/belly, side handles, some (Firm) Softness to hold. BIG Men!! YES!! (**NO Extreme Overweight Or excess loose flesh, Or hanging breasts, Height & weight In Balance Please!! ;) Big Legs/calves & Feet/hands,. Wide shoulders = Definite WOOF . Am Sane, Good Hygiened, Groomed Man with Integrity, & light carry-on baggage., interested in SIMILAR... Not X-tra B.S..Drama..
(Educated = I'm 'poz' Friendly.... Many OTHER things out here to Kill us 1st & quicker!!)

MUST READ: Little interest in Hooking Up/NSA/Sharing Other's Mates... NOT mentally built for it. PREFERS: Forming relationships/friendships, Going on DATES (Old School) , romance. I'M, a Thinker, Talks in complete sentences, am inquisitive & Generally open to Trying/Learning Something New outside my scope within reason. (I mentioned my strong dislike of being Stereotyped or put in boxes, Right?? ---wink---)
Anything Else, You Can ask a question. OR Better: Just Say HELLO, Be Respectful, Start a Conversation. Cheers!
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