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 Falls Church(VA)
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Hi! My Name is Danny.
May 20, 2019

1'228'736 Membears pix!

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I will be at
- "Brighton Bear Weekend" (Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM)

43 - 5'7" - 260
Friends and chat only -- men my age or older

Will not respond to one word messages, faceless profiles, or emojis. Say interesting...thank you.

The guy in the pic with me is my best friend. He needs a good guy bc he always attracts losers. So if you're interested I may or may not pass you along lol

Traveling a bunch for work in 2019. I'll post the new dates soon. Next trip is Vegas-Palm Springs-Vegas for fun June 30-July 1o

Likes: casinos, drum corps/marching band, musical theater, road trips, good food that isn't fine dining...

Random observations:
- INTJ on Myers-Briggs; High D on DiSC
- I am super judgmental and straightforward. It's just who I am. I usually don't intend to be mean but I like to cut to the chase in most dynamics.
- I find the bear community highly clique-ish and exclusive despite lots of words about inclusiveness. Ligthen the f--k up, guys.
- Words that make me twitch: yas(ssss), bud, gurl, boy, sir...
- Hair dye is so unattractive and smells bad
- I like cologne and wear it. I like people who smell good even if it's assisted by bottles and products
- I like Houston Astros baseball not baseball in general
- I eat at Chick-Fil-A but don't shop at Wal-Mart.
- Spelling and grammar matter to me. I screw up sometimes. My standard for myself is different.
- Intelligence, candor, and class make people so much more attractive than muscles and vanity.
- I've met some nice guys on here and I've met some crazies. Don't regret any of it.
- Leaving your age off your profile doesn't make you any younger. Same with posting old photos. Live your truth. I'm fat but I think I look good. See, not hard. :)
- My non-existent dream guy is a southern gentleman (ideally more country than city in presentation) who is a professor with blue eyes, enjoys going out to bars to listen to music and maybe dance, kinder and gentler than I am but also tuff, rubs my shoulders when I am gambling, and cuddles up like Lego-fit perfect...says all the right things and also doesn't say too much.
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