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Hi! My Name is Drake.
I Can Speak: -English-
January 14, 2021

1'025'373 Membears pix!

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Hello to all and thanks to all of you who support my music, and for all the kind messages you send. Please be kind to one another during these difficult times as we are really all in this together. A big hug from Michael, my husband, and I . My new record "ICONIC" will be released later this year due to lockdown related to COVID19. Stay safe, wear a mask IF you go out , and wash your hands. Yes the simple things that make a huge difference. Much love to you all. You can check me out at Drake Jensen on Spotify and DRAKEJENSENMUSIC on YOUTUBE as many of you ask where to find my stuff. I really appreciate all your support. Thanks Greg for your continued support ,and for a great site for us all the keep in touch on!
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