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Hi! My Name is Mark.
I Can Speak: -English-
March 04, 2021

1'011'635 Membears pix!

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56, 5'11'', 200, brown hair, hazel eyes, red beard with a big stache on it.

Men that think and reason and find that intimacy is so much nicer than just sex. Intimacy can also not be coupled with sex.
I find most men don't get that concept.

A lover of music, movies and things British. A lover of history. Peace is something that has eluded mankind except for short periods of time.

An individual that is reserved but not shy. There is a subtle difference that most gay American males don't comprehend.

Have a wonderful house I am working on and share my life with a wonderful Jack Russell Terrier, Alix. She is a sweetie and a good supervisor. Sadly, she was euthanized August 29, 20106/17/2010 after getting a whole new look (to challenge my perceptions of myself) the very next day I met my b1.

I have concluded I have become a solo sexualist.


Nine months later and all is wonderful!

09/04/2013 a fiancé and two Pembroke Welsh Corgi make like wonderful at the house at the corner.
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